Fog and Nature

Our Story




We are an LGBTQ+ Couple who are massive Animal Lovers and we are in the process of becoming Plant based in our diet.

We love to go on adventures with our dogs and the beach is our favourite place.

Ceri is a keen photographer photos and Amanda loves to setup her telescope in the dark sky areas of northumberland  and capture some out of this world astronomical sights.

Our love for animals ,the planet and helping others is what inspired us to start our own business.

Image by Nong Vang



Where it all began...


 We started our zero waste journey  5 years ago after we changed  our cleaning business to be 100% ECO.

We started to make changes within our home, business and lifestyle but found that we were having to use supermarket branded products that were expensive, Single use plastic and not ethical as  there was  limited options for reusable, ,refillable, ethical and affordable products. 


We found many small uk based businesses making handmade products that were just what we had been looking for.


So we decided to setup an eco natural online shop to  provide people with the option to buy natural, eco-friendly ,reusable, affordable products to help them to make the changes to to become eco from the comfort of your own home.

So Amari Wild was born(Amari- taken from both our names) and meaning ETERNAL in Hebrew and Wild meaning to live or grow in the natural environment.

Amari Wild have set out to change the way people consume everyday  products and think about their waste.


We offer people a zero waste solution on their everyday essentials by  providing only the very best choice of products for your, your family and home making sure they are -

Ethically sourced, Handmade in the uk with

100% natural ingredients, cruelty free, single use plastic free, plant based and sustainable.

We believe Eco products shouldn't cost the earth, quite literally! 

So why not have a browse in our shop to get you  started on your eco journey or have a read of our blogs to give you tips on where to begin...

If you don't see what your looking for or need any help or advice drop us a message....

Image by Laurel Balyeat

Our mission is to help others to make small changes that make a big difference in their life and to the planet.

We aim to do this by helping as many people as possible to swap to more eco friendly alternatives to save them money, less toxins in your home, reduce plastic waste and to reduce their carbon footprint.

whether this be by providing an eco friendly  product in our shop or help and support on where to start as it can be very overwhelming knowing where to begin or what to buy and not all brands and products are as transparent as they seem and you don't want to be caught out by the greenwashing businesses pretending to be eco to line their pockets.


 As a small uk business we want to help support other small uk businesses so our promise to you is that we will only sell products that are handmade in the uk by businesses that share the same ethics and values as we do.

All the products we sell are made with 100% natural ingredients and Cruelty free as 

testing on animals goes against everything we stand for.

Our  aim is to provide as many reusable & refillable products as possible thus helping to reduce plastic and landfill waste and keeping our oceans plastic free.

We sell reusable and refillable skincare and household products with a zero waste loop system.(find out more here )

Join us on our journey to make the world a cleaner, greener place to live by joining the Amari Wild Tribe and Talking one step closer to being an ECO-warrior!