Amsterdam...History, Mystery, Red Light District....Eco Friendly??

When you think about Amsterdam, you think about the Hash Cafes, the canals, the bikes...and the Red Light District. Well, that's what I thought when I visited 2 years ago. What I didn't think about then, was how ECO it potentially was, because ECO wasn't something I was looking for, or even considered.

I've since found out that Amsterdam is ACTUALLY very Eco. There are more bicycles in Amsterdam than there is people. There's 881,000 bikes for the 35,000km of bike lanes. Most residents travel by bicycle because it's the fastest way to get around.

There's also a large number of boats because there are over 100km of canals and more than 1500 bridges. There's also the LOW CARBON metro link trains that shuttle you between the city and the airport.

Already one of the greenest cities and most committed to tackling the climate situation, Amsterdam aims to be the first European city to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

If it achieves its aims, Amsterdam will be one of the greenest capitals in the world.

Even the Airport is ECO. Managed by Dutch group Schiphol, Amsterdam airport is a leader in this regard. Responsible energy consumption means efficient use, energy-saving wherever possible and using the cleanest possible electricity. Present in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Lelystad, the group has an agreement with an electricity supplier so its airports run solely on renewable energy generated in Holland. The aim for 2020 is to use energy generated by the country’s new wind farms.

That being said....what we really want to know is, is there anywhere in Amsterdam where we can stay, that is completely eco?? And the answer to that is ABSOLUTELY!!

The CONSCIOUS HOTEL GROUP owns 4 Hotels in Amsterdam that are completely unique from each other and yet have all the same charm and eco-syncrinicity as each other. They call it ECO-SEXY.

All the materials they use in their hotels are certified cradle-to-cradle, recycled or secondhand. FSC and PEFC certifications mean they only use wood from managed forests.

Walk on their cradle-to-cradle carpet. Sleep in their cradle-to-cradle Royal Dutch Auping beds. Snuggle up to their Responsible Down Standard (RDS) pillows and quilts. And not only are the building and materials eco, all their daily operations are too. That’s why their staff wear organic, cotton sweaters that say, ‘’I am eco-sexy and I know it’’.

And these 4 hotels....MUSEUM SQUARE, WESTERPARK, VONDELPARK & THE TIRE STATION will leave you wanting to go back for more.

MUSEUM SQUARE is recently refurbished (early 2019) has 36 rooms and is located right in the centre of the museum district and at walking distance of the famous Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum.

The breakfast is organic and all furniture is made from certified or recycled materials is easy to reach by public transport, only 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport and very close to the city centre.

THE TIRE STATION The Tire Station is a 112-bedroom stylish eco hotel, really close to Amsterdam’s most famous park, the Vondelpark. The name of the hotel is The Tire Station because the building used to be a Michelin Tire Station. There is a pink café at the hotel "Sticky Fingers" and an organic Restaurant "Moer" to supply you with good organic food, treats and drinks. 

The Tire Station has solar panels on its roof. If you need somewhere to meet, they have a high-tech meeting room. If you like sleep, good news, at The Tire Station they have Royal Dutch Auping beds for your best ever night’s sleep. And if you are coming by car, The Tire Station has an indoor parking garage to park your car with some electric hook-up points for your electric cars.

WESTERPARK Conscious turned this MONUMENTAL building into a beautiful 89 room eco-hotel. 

It is located in the middle of the green Westerpark. One side of the hotel overlooks the cultural area of Westergas – a hotspot for cultural events and bustling markets.

While on the other side, there’s a tranquil, green park – perfect for morning walks. This hotel is super sustainable and fully powered by wind.

VONDELPARK You’ll find this hotel right around the corner of Vondelpark. 

The hotel has 81 rooms and a big, cosy bar area downstairs to relax after a day in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Almost everything about Conscious Hotel Vondelpark is sustainable, from their furniture to their green rooftop.

Every day at 18:00 you are welcome for a free glass of wine in their cosy lobby downstairs, at the bar. It’s a time for connecting, relaxing and having fun.

All of Conscious Hotel's energy comes from Pure Energie and is generated only from Dutch windmills. Westerpark is 100% electric and The Tire Station has solar panels on the roof to capture the blazing Amsterdam sunlight! Both these hotels have Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES). That’s a system that uses energy storage deep under the ground to heat and cool the buildings.

There really is something for EVERYONE in Amsterdam....the discovery is yours to make.

Amsterdam Centraal Station, taken by Ceri Pearce Oct 2018

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