Do You Use Reusable Tea/Coffee Cups???

Or are you one of the MILLIONS of people who throw your cup in the bin?? happening every day across thousands of towns and cities across the UK.

According to a Parliamentary report published in 2017; 500,000 cups were being thrown away EVERY DAY. The report also stated that 1 in 400 of those 500,000 aren't actually recycled with the vast majority going straight to landfill. That's quite astonishing really when all these branded coffee shops offer a reusable alternative. 

This suggests that coffee cups that end up in the UK’s landfill sites produce an annual carbon footprint equivalent to over 152,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, similar to what 33,300 cars produce in a year. 

But a major issue for the industry is that even cups promoted as compostable cannot be recycled conventionally. They have to be transported by lorry to one of the UK’s 53 high-temperature industrial composting facilities, which increases their carbon footprint again.

Since this report was written by the Government, now more than 2.5 billion cups are thrown away every year, thats 6.8 MILLION cups a day!!!

How can we change that trend????

Starbucks have been offering a discount for customers in the UK using their own mugs since it opened its first outlet in 1998. It says that about 1.8% of ALL hot drinks are sold in a sold in a reusable cup.

Costa says that 1% of it's hot drinks sells in a reusable mug and it has been consistent since the discount was introduced. 

Reusable cups are soaring in popularity and for good reason. Savvy coffee/tea drinkers are not only reducing the amount of waste created by a 'disposable' cup, they're also earning discounts that could save them, and you, more than £100 a year.

WHICH? have tested some of the best reusable cups and travel mugs on the market. You can find the results here:

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