Eco-Friendly New Years Resolutions....

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Every year, at the end of the year, we all make a list (on paper, on your phone, or in your head what resolutions you're going to make for the coming year; and 2021 is no different.

How many times has LOSE WEIGHT made the top of your list....or SAVE MONEY EACH MONTH FOR A HOLIDAY/NEXT CHRISTMAS!! But, have you ever thought about how ECO you want your new years resolutions to be?

We decided, as a couple, that next year we're seriously going to look into investing in an E Car. That's right...a FULLY ELECTRIC car. Oooooooooooooh I hear you say....fancy :-)

It might not happen next year.....I mean, they're certainly not cheap.....and yet, they WANT us to be buying more environmentally friendly cars....hybrids instead of JUST Petrol (Gasolene) or Diesel, or even LPG.

So to start our New Years Resolutions we want to:

  1. Test drive electric cars

  2. Start VEGANUARY and continue a plant based diet

The rest.....we haven't quite thought of yet, but, here are some suggestions we thought might help you write yours...

  • Pick up 3 pieces of litter on your daily walks (bring an extra bag!)

  • Hang your laundry

  • Substitute one dairy item with its plant-based substitute for the long-term

  • Convert your home from liquid soap to bar soap

  • Swap out 3 disposable items for reusable ones

  • Cook from scratch 5 days per week

  • Give up meat on Mondays

  • Start a home composting system

  • Take 5 minute showers (set a timer!)

  • Embark on a month-long shopping ban

  • Get a water bottle you LOVE and use it ALWAYS

  • Eat local produce

  • Spend MORE time outdoors

  • Start next Christmas early....spend in charity shops instead of large stores

  • Trawl Facebook Marketplace etc for 2nd hand goods

  • Re-use wrapping paper or turn greetings cards into gift tags

The list of possibilities is endless but if you join us on Instagram we will be hosting challenges, LIVES, Q&As and more from the beginning of January 2022 with showcase days where we show you some of the products we have on offer, the swaps we've made and the network connections we've made with other zero waste ambassadors.

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