Food Waste.....How to Cut Down or Eliminate it!!!

So....we've been in lockdown since March 2020 and we've all realised that we're EATING MORE food ... (doesn't that burger look GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!)

But it means, we're also WASTING MORE food!!!!

How many of us look in the fridge and realise, we've over-filled it and some of it is quickly going out of date, and then you don't really know what to do with it??? We....(me and Amanda), put ours in the freezer to make sure we eat it at another date, otherwise it just goes in the bin, which is a terrible thing to do to food.

But, how do we cut down our food waste so that we're not only SAVING FOOD but we're also SAVING MONEY in the process??

Here's our TOP TIPS for reducing and/or eliminating food waste:

  1. Adopt a Healthier, more sustainable diet....Life is fast paced at times, and preparing nutritious meals can be a real challenge. But, healthy doesn't have to be elaborate. The internet (particularly Pinterest) is full of quick healthy recipes that you can share with friends and family and other Pinterest fans. You can also check out Readly for healthy living magazines. Download Pinterest HERE for google/android and HERE for iPhone.

  2. Buy ONLY what you need...PLAN your meals, think day to day what you're going to have and write a shopping list and STICK TO IT!!! Avoid going shopping when you're hungry, this will make you want more than you need, and avoid impulse buys!!! These are placed at the ends of aisles near the checkouts and down the middle aisle....this is in retail known as the POWER's where you find ALL of the things on offer they WANT you to buy!!! AVOID, AVOID AVOID!!!!

  3. Pick WONKY fruit and veg....don't judge a fruit or veg by it's appearance, retailers do (they have a retail cosmetic standard), which is why so many of them are perfect in size, shape and colour but wonky fruit and veg, although wrapped in plastic, is sometimes dented, misshapen, bigger, uglier but...doesn't taste any different, and is more often than not WAY CHEAPER because it's wonky. And if they look a bit more mature, ripe or soft....they make perfect smoothies!!!!

  4. Store food wisely...move older products to the front of your cupboard, fridge or fruit bowl, and new ones to the back, this is known as rotation (and it retail they do it to every product, every week). Use airtight containers to keep open food (eg. homemade lasagne) fresh in the fridge and ensure packets are closed with clips (if you have to) to stop insects from getting in.

  5. Understand food labelling....this is a HUGE thing that retailers believe customers just DON'T understand. What's the difference between USE BY and BEST BEFORE???