The BENEFITS of having a compost bin....why we decided to get one and why you should too!!!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

A while ago, we (Amanda and I) decided we were going to get a compost bin in our back garden and wanted to find a way that we could have a compost bin without having a REAL garden. So we started to do some research....and this is what we found:

We live in Newcastle, on the outskirts.....near the Airport, so we decided to see if NCC could help. Newcastle City Council has joined a composting initiative called GET COMPOSTING which subsidise the cost of a compost bin or a water butt. But, what we found is; that buying a compost bin from Get Composting, costs exactly the same as buying a compost bin from somewhere like The Range. So, no subsidies there. :-/

Time to buy one....we went to The Range and B&M (£19.99) and we looked at B&Q and Argos and the prices were ASTONISHING!!!

There's no stock anywhere (because it's Christmas) so we decided to go ahead and order one online to pick up after 4 or 5 days and we did something in the mean time....we got 2 IKEA reusable food bags and started a small compost collection in our kitchen until the bin turns up.

There are BENEFITS to having a compost bin.....firstly, you're reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and you're producing a habitat fit for a range of mini beasts. The community of mini beasts who live among the waste help the decaying process, and in turn, these benefits are a delicious food source for the likes of Hedgehogs and other animals.

All you need for good compost is 3 things:




A simple heap in the garden covered by some old carpet or (god forbid) PLASTIC will be just as good as any bin. However, when you don't have a real garden (like us) a bin is needed!!!

As well as the pic diagram above you can also compost:

  1. Old Cut Flowers & Bedding Plants

  2. Prunings and dead plants

  3. Coffee Grounds

  4. Tea Leaves (not bags as they're made from plastic!!!)

  5. Newspapers


Ensure you have a good mix of items, composting works best if you add a fair quantity of material at a time, so it is best to save up your kitchen scraps and add them to the heap along with some prunings or old plants.

It is IMPORTANT to mix the contents of your compost heap/bin every now and again to aerate it (wait at LEAST 3 months to turn it with a garden fork!!!)

Here is a short HOW-TO video we found on Youtube just incase you need it.

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