The BENEFITS of having a compost bin....why we decided to get one and why you should too!!!

A while ago, we (Amanda and I) decided we were going to get a compost bin in our back garden and wanted to find a way that we could have a compost bin without having a REAL garden. So we started to do some research....and this is what we found:

We live in Newcastle, on the outskirts.....near the Airport, so we decided to see if NCC could help. Newcastle City Council has joined a composting initiative called GET COMPOSTING which subsidise the cost of a compost bin or a water butt. But, what we found is; that buying a compost bin from Get Composting, costs exactly the same as buying a compost bin from somewhere like The Range. So, no subsidies there. :-/

Time to buy one....we went to The Range and B&M (ÂŁ19.99) and we looked at B&Q and Argos and the prices were ASTONISHING!!!

There's no stock anywhere (because it's Christmas) so we decided to go ahead and order one online to pick up after 4 or 5 days and we did something in the mean time....we got 2 IKEA reusable food bags and started a small compost collection in our kitchen until the bin turns up.

There are BENEFITS to having a compost bin.....firstly, you're reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and you're producing a habitat fit for a range of mini beasts. The community of mini beasts who live among the waste help the decaying process, and in turn, these benefits are a delicious food source for the likes of Hedgehogs and other animals.

All you need for good compost is 3 things: